Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moving Along Now

So this past weekend I did cooking therapy, and I do feel somewhat better. However, I don't think I'll be completely calmed down until May 13, my first free day after spring semester ends. I do still have some things to stress about, though, and it all stems from my summer internship at a regional hospital.

My hospital internship is about food service, rather than clinical work with patients. So at least I won't have to work directly with sick people? Also, I haven't been able to contact the hospital staff about my schedule, so I won't know how I can rearrange my work schedule until I hear from the staff. The hospital is a two hour drive from my house, so however the schedule pans out, it will profoundly impact everything else.

So...guilty pleasure share! I end up reading a lot of fanfiction because artists I follow on deviantart not only make great fanart for media I like, but link to other artists who also do great fanart. Somehow or other I end up reading things that would make great novels or short story anthologies if they didn't contain copyrighted content! Plus, there is something really satisfying about seeing how a work evolves when it's posted piece by piece. Because especially at websites like, people who comment a lot on a piece have some form of influence on the story and characters as a whole, and sometimes the comment wars are just as entertaining as the main story! This feeling is probably a remnant of my senior thesis on the phenomenon of comic book writers who hire other artists to draw the comic (I used Sandman for an example, great series by Neil Gaiman). The point is that group efforts are very different than individual efforts, and must be analyzed accordingly.

Right now I think the plethora of fanfiction is what has kept me mostly sane during this long sojourn in a fast track anatomy course. I can think about where my favorite stories are heading and how the author is handling canon characterizations rather than my classmates' disturbing serial killer qualities.

Also I think I'd love to get back into creating my own art again, after such a long hiatus. I have all this collected art material and I have barely touched it! Will post if anything of merit is turned out by this endeavor.

Till next time interwebs!