Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Veggie Recipe

I made a delicious lunch using the Veganomicon recently. Their rendition of a Po'Boy: Chile Cornmeal-crusted Tofu with a chipotle mayo spread, cole slaw, and pickles is a-MAZ-ing. Not having any sandwich bread handy, I used a spinach flatbread which still works wonderfully well.

This here is silken firm tofu. Using extra firm tofu would work best for frying.
I had mixed results slicing the tofu into the recommended triangles. This shape would be best for sandwich or salads, but feel free to experiment.
Making a coating using a cornstarch slurry with almond-coconut milk instead of egg and seasoned cornmeal (this coating also is very nice on seafood, as any good Cajun adaptation should be).

Breading station is ready, and the oil is heating in my favorite cast iron skillet!
Look at that delicious sizzle!
It took me 3 batches with the size pan I had. Some pieces ended up falling apart into smaller bits. These ended up being sampled. For science.
Putting together the cole slaw and mayo was simple. Removing the lid from a pickle jar is also easy, provided you use a decent jar opener.
Assembling the wrap Step 1: make sure the flatbread is warm and pliant.
Assembling the wrap Step 2: Slather on some chipotle mayo
Assembling the wrap Step 3: Pile on some cole slaw.
Assembling the wrap Step 4: Gently layer on some fried tofu and pickles.
Assembling the wrap Step 5: Forget to keep taking pictures and just post the final plate after slicing the sandwich.
Carrot sticks and potato chips go great on a paper plate with a decent sandwich wrap. Don't try to convince me otherwise.