Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have started my food service internship this week. It's at a hospital an hour's drive away, and during orientation, I was set up to come in at 5am on three separate days during the rotation. Did I mention yet that I will still be working my part time tutoring job, which runs until 8pm every weeknight, save Fridays? Therefore I have preemptively tried scouring thrift stores and dumpsters for a mattress small enough to fit in my car, so I can sleep like a classy hobo rather than waste time (and fuel) driving home after such a workday.

I even made up my calendar using google; color-coding the days and places I will be working, which includes the weekends I spend teaching people not to further injure people who may or may not be dying. May and June look like a craptastic rainbow of the sort my five-year-old niece would color, using this method.

Since running on exhaustion is not conducive to socializing or creative outlets, I am having to opt out of my weekly hangout with my friends, which is a major bummer. We were even going to start on a Warhammer 40k campaign. I would have been awesome as a Sister of Silence.

Oh, and I finished my dead bodies anatomy and physiology class with a B. Not bad for only being able to parrot the material being shoved at me for 4 months.