Thursday, August 11, 2011

California Vacation, Day 2

On the second day of my trip, I had finally gone to sleep around 1am, after attending the Phish concert with my friends. My friends went out for munchies to that all-American repository of cheap cuisine, Denny's. They apparently returned at 4 am, but I didn't notice.

I woke up around 8 am, and was showered, dressed and ready for the day. However, seeing as my friends were lost in slumber, I figured to go have my own munchies run. The new line of "regional cuisines" Denny's is attempting to sell is rather hilarious. I fail to see how the Northwest is best known for its iced coffee, but I hate coffee and have never been to Seattle. I'd wanted to try the Hawaiian stuff, as I've always been sucked in by tropical fruit flavors, but in trying to watch my waistline, I ordered a simple vegetable omelette, no cheese, with dry wheat toast and fruit instead of hash brown potatoes. By the way, don't ever invite me to a restaurant unless you want an earful about the nutritional quality or lack thereof in your favorite dishes.

Upon returning, my friends were still fast asleep, so I opted to check my emails and interneted for awhile. Lunchtime rolled around when they finally showed signs of life. Realizing that hiking and amusement park visits would be more enjoyable with a sensible pair of shoes, my friend and I embarked on a quest for a decent outlet store. Buying shoes, socks, and a hat at a local Ross reminded me of the time my family went to a Naval graduation in South Carolina when my mom decided she NEEDED a new hat, and ended up purchasing one at Walmart.

Thus equipped with new threads, my friend and I used her smart phone to find someplace to eat. A Japanese style buffet sounded interesting, but we ended up spending 20 minutes trying to find the location, seeing as either us or the phone was confused at some point. Finally realizing the restaurant must have closed, we hiked around for awhile and ended up eating at a Vietnamese noodle shop. Right next door was a Boba tea cafe, so I think the excursion turned out well. The machine used to mix the drinks gave me a brilliant idea for a food truck. If I can write out a good enough business plan, my hometown may see mobile Boba tea at local events! I'd even concoct baked goods to sell, but I'm not sure about coffee or other drinks.

Upon returning to the hotel, my friend and I tried to think of something to do. It was LA after all, but we were both broke and not much for the club scene. After bickering for an hour, I decided I'd take advantage of the hotel hot tub. My friend came down to hang out on the side, as she failed to bring a swimsuit. Chatting for awhile about recipes, and nothing in particular, we ended up ordering pizza and watching Rambo on tv. I quite enjoyed the relaxation of the day, as that was the whole reason I was on vacation.