Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am entirely certain that the dip in my bed is the primary cause of my continued back pain, as I distinctly remember not waking up feeling like a pretzel while I was down in California.

In other news, I have been unsuccessfully attempting to clear off my art table so I can work on things when the creative muse whacks me over the head. For now I'm researching things for my RPG campaign. Being in the Palm Desert area helped inspire me for when my PCs wander around a reimagining of the Wild West. This world has lots of things that will probably be more at home in Egypt or Africa. So if anyone complains, I'll remind them that not only is it a fantasy world, but it's one affected by the tearing of reality, so of course things will be random.

Actually, that'd be a great subject for the next series of posts. The internet needs some more crazy hahaha.