Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Before the Storm Hit

I kept meaning to update before school started, but procrastination can be very difficult to overcome. In the weeks leading up to classes starting, I played a lot of games through Steam (Summer Steam Sale, WOO!). Most of these,though, were acquired through the website Humble Bundle, a service that “bundles” electronic media for consumers (mostly video games, but also ebooks and music), allowing them to name the price they want. The site partners with different charities, allowing the purchaser to choose how to divide up the contribution between the creators, the charities, and the website’s fee. It’s a marvelous idea, and I like the thought of getting games being of benefit to the world, and not just between myself and the creators.
UPDATE: They now have a web store that donates to charity!

So, among the great games I’ve played so far are:


Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

There are many more now in my Steam Library, and I won’t be playing much in the coming months due to school and work obligations, which is a shame. Except, I think for McPixel and Bleed, each of these games was not unlike reading a novel; there was a lot of depth to the story and overall experience, and a journey I will not be forgetting for a long while. 

Anyhow, besides working two part-time jobs, I managed to score a clinical internship at the local VA Hospital, which, in addition to my two classes this semester, will finally allow me to complete my AAS in Dietetics! Then, I only have to complete the credentialing exam to become a DTR! After that, I only to need to complete one class for my Culinary Arts Certificate, and I will be back in the workforce!!!!!

I am both enthusiastically and dreadfully expectant of that time.