Saturday, September 29, 2012

Road Trip: Part Three

The final morning in Seattle we stopped in at Mile High Pie, where there was excellent food and a hilarious and cute bathroom mural.

The remaining leg of the trip was a visit to Idaho, and my old CoI campus. It was great to relive those memories of my first college experience, We took a video walking tour, before stocking up at a nearby coffee shop and heading back to Nevada.

The trip back had some interesting events as well, as there was some crazy wind conditions causing dust-devils to chase each other around the desert. Quite incredible to see, and we did our best in filming them.

Reaching Reno, we decided on one last splurge and went for sushi up in Spanish Springs. We were lucky to see a local craft fair in the parking lot, and spent a good hour or so wandering the booths. I spent more money than was probably wise :/ but also got a lot of good adverts of local artists. The sushi at __ was fantastic, and upon getting home was not as terrible as I feared. The house was still intact, the rooms were relatively clean, and I didn't get any urge to run away screaming. A successful end to my vacation, I think.